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"I love my Clear aligners! I don't have to worry about untagging any horrible smiling pictures of myself online!"

"My clear aligners make me worry less about smiling with my teeth showing... After an image change like getting braces, I was afraid I'd be very uncomfortable."

"The Clear aligners program is so easy to do. I just wait for my new adjusted aligners in the mail and check in with my dentist now and then. Everything is set up for me online, otherwise!"

"I can't believe how affordable Clear aligners are. Especially compared to their competitors. It's a real treat to be able to afford these aligners and not feel insecure about getting braces post grade school."

"Woke up and my teeth were gone! That was easy.."

"My wisdom tooth been hurting me. I can't believe $899 web service price. I got it done."

"I was in San Antonio, but drove in to Austin just for the procedure."

"CT Scan, wisdom tooth removal, and IV in Allen Office. Done and don't even remember."

“I am so happy I got the deep cleaning. I thought I was able to clean my teeth enough just by brushing and flossing them. My teeth have never felt so clean! And it's a relief to know there is no gunk living in my gums.”

“I was impressed with the intensity of the staff to make sure that I was comfortable and informed about everything that was going to happen in the procedure. I had no idea there was such a big difference between a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning.”

“I was astounded at the percentage of people suffering from periodontal diseases. I've always been a relatively clean and healthy person, but after hearing all the treacherous diseases and issues you could undergo by not getting this deep cleaning... let's just say I was worried enough to get it scheduled immediately. Now, I couldn't be happier with the result. Both my mouth and teeth have never felt so clean and healthy!”