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Doctors at Dental Republic

Dr. Hemavathi Patil

Dr Hemavathi Patil grew up in India and received her Bachelors of dental surgery degree (BDS) in 1999 and Masters in Oral Medicine and Radiology (MDS) in 2002. Dr. Patil moved to the United states in 2004 and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) with honors in 2008 from “NEW YORK UNIVERSITY”. Dr. Patil then practiced General Dentistry in chicago for 6 years before moving to the Dallas area.

On her off time, Dr Patil loves to spend her time with her husband and children. Apart from being a terrific wife and mother , Dr. Patil loves to cook whie she stays fit playing Badmiton. You can often see Dr. patil involved in her community participating in Health fairs and various school events.

Dr. Given Kachepa

Dr Given Kachepa is a Dallas native graduating from “GRAPEVINE HIGH SCHOOL” in 2005. Shortly after graduating , Dr. Kachepa attended the “ UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN TEXAS” before receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from “TEXAS A& M SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY”.

Dr. Kachepa stays busy on his off days by listening to music while going on afternoon jogs, spending time with his family including watching sports with his father and taking his mother on shopping trips. You can often find Dr Given Kachepa reading “Physics , Chemistry , and Psychology” books after taking a trip to the “Half Price Book Store”.

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