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Traditional Indirect Braces

Dental Republic specializes in Indirect Orthodontic Braces. They look like traditional braces, but are placed on the teeth with an upgraded procedure. In the indirect bonding method, the brackets are positioned using tray molds of your teeth for increased accuracy.

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Do I need Braces?

You may need braces if:

  • You lost your baby teeth too early and your adult teeth did not come in for a while. Your teeth look crooked or crowded.
  • Your jaw shifts in place or makes sounds. This could indicate a developmental issue with your jaw and/or teeth.
  • You are constantly biting your cheek or hitting the roof of your mouth. This could be because your teeth are misaligned.
  • You are forced to breathe through your mouth. This could be an issue related to the development of your teeth or jaw, and braces or other orthodontic treatments might be able to help.
  • You experience difficulty chewing food because of crooked or misaligned teeth. Braces can help fix the alignment of your teeth.

Frequently asked questions

How do braces work?

Brackets are bonded onto each tooth and wired together with small rubberbands to cause pressure. This constant pressure slowly moves teeth.